Layard's Happiness
Finished reading a book that came recommended by the ThoughtWorks chief, Roy Singham: Happiness - lessons from a new science.

In an almagam of economics, cognitive science and pure common sense this book explains how Happiness is a possible and ideal co-operative equilibrium. Richly littered with credible research, Mr. Layard, strings together a credible argument for measuring progress and making policy goals, in terms of well-being, satisfaction and happiness. He also buries the archaic notion of a Smithsian wealth and prosperity, by proving that it inevitably leads to a hedonic tradmill, wherein everyone exhibits the proverbial football-crowd behaviour of trying to get a better view, but in the end just cause everyone else to stand up, thus neither having a better view nor a rested disposition

So I got thinking along the following lines, 
  1. What is Happiness
  2. Why Happiness
  3. Are we getting happier
  4. What makes us happy

... and did a little presentation at a X-Conf Pune.

  1. Utilitarianism - John Stewart Mill
  2. Wealth of Nations - Adam Smith
  3. An Analysis of decision under risk - Daniel Kahnemann, Amos Tversky

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